Filmmaking Basic Course

Opis kierunku

We teach the art and craft of filmmaking through a dynamic blend of classroom instruction, hands-on film workshops, and immediate directing experience.
It is possible to learn Polish in parallel, which ensures continuation of regular studies or work in the film industry.
The field of study is carried out at AMA Kraków.

Filmmaking Basic Course

Filmmaking that gives basic skills in directing, filming, editing and authoring of various audiovisual forms. The field of study is carried out at AMA Kraków.


It is possible to learn Polish in parallel, which ensures continuation of regular studies or work in the film industry
Works on the film set
Work at AMA TV


1 year, 2 semesters. Classes are held from Tuesday to Friday
11 hours a week, 352 a year

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Students are behind the camera from the first day of class and will learn about and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that face directors. In addition to writing, producing, directing, and editing their own films, students assist other members of their crews in the roles of director of photography, assistant cameraperson, and gaffer/grip, providing everyone with extensive set experience. Ultimately, through intensive hands-on instruction, our goal is to empower students to tell stories artfully, cinematically, and originally.

Education is primarily of a practical nature. The professional skills of graduates, however, are based on solid theoretical foundations. The intensity of the learning process is evidenced by the number of hours of the course: 480 hours of study during the year of study and 320 hours of elective courses.

The AMA Filmmaking gives basic skills in the field of implementation of audiovisual forms for film and television.
The lecturers at the AMA Filmmaking are professionally active film-makers: Tv producers, directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, sound engineers, editors, specialists in special effects and post-production as well as film and television producers.

The AMA  Filmmaking is part of the AMA FILM ACADEMY activity structure: it gives you the opportunity to participate in its additional programs, such as participation in productions and visits on professional film sets, works at  AMA TV, additional film screenings, workshops and master classes, and author’s lectures.

Our Film Academy students learn to work with industry-standard equipment and software, comparable to what is used in the entertainment industry.

The audience at the Film Direction are behind the camera on the first day of class, undertaking numerous challenges in the field of film image, dramaturgy and technology. In addition to writing, directing, filming, editing and producing your own graduation film, participants take part in productions made by other students of AMA Film Academy as assistants to: production manager, director, cinematographer and sound engineer.

Diploma at AMA  Filmmaking

The basis for passing the course and obtaining a diploma is giving the diploma film presented in front of the audience at the open exam and passing the theoretical examination. Students who receive a positive grade receive the AMA FILM ACADEMY Diploma.

AMA listeners have at their disposal a well-equipped rental of film, lighting, sound and grip equipment, advanced editing stations and a film studio.


During the study, practical issues will be discussed:

  • camera technique: video
  • film exercises: mastershot, in-camera editing, multi-camera systems
  • cameraoperator’s work on the set
  • making of film light
  • cooperation with  film crew
  • multi-discipline staging
  • reportage photography, creative photography
  • film dramaturgy
  • workshop – analysis of the film
  • work with an actor
  • basics of film  post-production
  • film editing: Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Avid
  •  TV studio directing
  • projections
  • film exercises: three film genres
  • performance of the diploma film – first year



During the study, theoretical issues will be discussed:

  • Learn the art and technique of visual storytelling, including directing, cinematography, editing, and postproduction sound design.
  • Learn the fundamentals of digital video production and digital editing.
  • Fundamental training in acting craft and directing actors.
  • Immersion in screenwriting craft.
  • Fundamental training in acting craft and directing actors.
  • Immersion in screenwriting craft.
  • directing feature film
  • directing a documentary
  • director of an advertising movie
  • visual concept of the film
  • film design – workshops
  • movie trailer construction
  • work with a crew on the set
  • working with a camera
  • VFX special effects bases
  • It is possible to learn Polish in parallel, which ensures continuation of regular studies or work
    in the film industry

Classes lead

Lecturers conducting classes:

  • Jakub Chełkowski
  • Dariusz Jarzyna
  • Daria Lipko
  • Michał Sosna
  • Sebastian Strama
  • Mateusz Świder
  • Natalia Gajecka

Recruitment conditions

The condition for applying for admission to the Filmmaking Basic Course is to take the entrance examination in the form of an interview and send a CV specifying the candidate’s predispositions in advance.

The date of the recruitment interview is set individually. The interview takes place ONLINE

Please send your CV to the e-mail address:

Registration booklet

Registration:15.04.2022 – 30.09.2022

Recruitment online:15.05.2022 – 30.09.2022

Time:04.10.2022 – 28.06.2024

Examination fee: EUR 30

Entry fee: EURO 300

Semester Costs:

EUR / semester 1100
EUR / year 2200
Paid per semester in advance to:
October 1 and February 15 of each year,
or in monthly installments payable by the 5th of each month
October – June EUR 266

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Kierunek: Aktorstwo Filmowe

Lokalizacja: Kraków

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Imię: Jan

Nazwisko: Kowalski

Data urodzenia: 2021-09-10

Adres e-mail:

Numer telefonu: +48 123-453-789


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